Back to School Life Hacks | River City Live

It’s back-to-school season! Families are preparing for the new school year completing their supply lists and buying clothes. One thing that you should not overlook is organizing your home. This time of year can be very stressful for parents and kids, however being organized will help to manage your day to day and make your life easier.

We searched the internet for back-to-school life hacks and found some creative ideas. For starters having a family calendar is a must. Let’s face it, our kids’ schedules tend to be even more chaotic than us parents. Plus, it’s not just activities that go on the calendar like sports and extracurricular activities, calendars should also be used for school projects and tests to help kids stay on track. I think we have all had that less than 24-hour notice of a school project that our kids dropped on us at the last minute and we frantically assembled some type of diorama. And for whatever reason my kids tend to pick the most obscure topic. Well anyway a calendar with this plotted out ahead of time makes life easier for everyone.

Time management is another key to a stress-free day. We found a life hack that color codes a clock breaking down what to do each part of the day. From homework, to play time to sports it helps to keep kids on task and lets them know how much time they have for each part of the day.

Another great tip is a lunch assembly line. Organizing food items in the pantry will make it easier for kids to help. All they have to do is pick an item from each basket, like a drink or a snack. Having them playing an active role in lunch assembly will reduce them complaining about their lunch. They made it!

And finally organizing your house with a cubby and a school supply caddy. Both are great ways to keep track of backpacks, art supplies, rulers, and calculators.

We hope that you find some of these ideas useful. Good luck this school year!