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Roselind Folk Wins Teacher of the Week | River City Live

Sponsored by Hodges Mazda

Hodges Mazda wants to thank our teachers. From June 28 through Aug. 23, 2021, we’re hosting a weekly submission for people to either enter themselves or a beloved teacher to win $1,000 for their classroom.

Today we awarded our sixth winner. Roselind Folk.

“My name is Roselind Folk I have been teaching since 1995 in Duval County. I have taught Public, Charter, and Private Schools. I received my B.S. degree in Elementary from UA in 1978. I was working in the Computer Field as a Computer Programmer. I was always the one sent out for training and I would come back and train my co-workers. I always had the love and passion for Teaching. Every year I am working I always spend money and I say not spending any more, but I am always back in line. When you are Teaching very seldom do you teach the same class or in the same room. There is a different Theme that we have each year. This is very costly. The supplies that the (some) parents bring in at the beginning of the school year does not last. Yes, I am constantly going back into my pockets for supplies. Every Holiday I like to buy my children treat bags. If their birthday comes around I buy something for their birthday. I have been a Cheerleader/Dance Coach and there are some students that do not have everything they need I will buy it. I have paid for gowns for Senior Prom I have paid for hairstyles and nails. There is so much more I really can’t name it all. Everything I do, I do it from my heart. I treat my students as though they are my child I love Teaching and I teach my children to love learning. You have to have supplies to assist in learning. When I am picked I guarantee you it will be out to great use. Thank you for listening and thank you for selecting. 😊”

You still have time to nominate someone!

If you would like to nominate a teacher you can visit: https://www.news4jax.com/sponsored/2021/06/28/know-a-teacher-who-deserves-1000-for-the-classroom-enter-that-person-here/ou still have time to nominate someone!