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Self-guided Spooky Restaurant & Bar Crawl in St. Augustine! | River City Live

Spooky season is upon us! Are you wanting to get into the spirit early? St. Augustine is the perfect place to go to hear some haunted history, eat and drink delicious food and cocktails, and look out for paranormal activity. The best part? You can do it all on your own!

Harry’s Seafood Bar & Grille: Delicious seafood, views… and ghouls? Back in 1764, a young girl named Catalina lived there with her family, and she may still live there to this day. Customers have reported catching a whiff of Catalina’s perfume or have had her mess with the faucets of the second-floor bathroom. When you visit, head to “Catalina’s Garden,” the outdoor dining area of Harry’s, and enjoy the beautiful views of the waterfront. Be sure to say hello to Catalina while you’re there.

Scarlet O’Hara’s: With a ghost bar upstairs, Scarlets is a must for your haunted crawl. The building was originally built in 1879 as a private residence for Mr. George Colee. Today, it is known to the locals as one of the most haunted buildings in St. Augustine. Many believe Mr. Colee still resides there, with reports of alarm and thermostat tampering, moving furniture, and even candles lighting up on their own.

O.C. White’s Restaurant: At O.C. White’s there are many stories and sightings of Mrs. Worth, General Worth’s wife. One of the first stories was of her walking down the stairs in a large dress and into the kitchen disappearing (as there are no exit doors). Colonel Sprague, the husband of Worth’s first daughter, has been seen in the Men’s bathroom mirror wearing a bowler hat and then vanishing. David the owner has heard a man and a woman’s voice walking across the 2nd floor dining room and opening the balcony door. The most recent sighting on security cameras was on the 3rd floor where a tray flew off of the top of the freezer chest like a frisbee from 5 feet away and knocked over a 5 gallon bucket of rice.

Old City House Inn & Restaurant: While enjoying a delicious cocktail at Old City be sure to say hello to their friendly ghost! No, it’s not Casper! The spirit said to haunt the inn is instead a military soldier. Some guests of the Inn and restaurant have claimed to have seen him walking the halls. Others have stated they’ve experienced tampering with door locks. Regardless, you are sure to have a great and spooky time at Old City.