How to Help With Back Pain | River City Live

According to Coach Pat Hennigan of Jax Fitness Academy, If you want to look more muscular, move better, have better posture, and live without pain you need to get a stronger back.

The problem, he says, is that the back isn’t just one muscle.

Coach Pat said “Your “back” is a series of connected muscles. I mean it’s basically half your body- from your neck down to your butt.

Those various muscles play a role in shoulder health, hip health, spine health, and almost every other major function of your body besides flexing your toes.

Basically the stronger your back is the stronger you will be.

On your back the largest muscle is your latissimus dorsi. Or your lats.

They’re actually the widest muscle in your body, they fan out from your lower back to your upper arm. They have a lot of important functions like helping your shoulier move and helping you breathe deeply.

They’re an important muscle that when targeted will not only help you look stronger, but they’ll help you function better and with less pain.”

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