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Mental Wellness Wednesday

Tips to creating positive habits and breaking bad ones

It’s that time of year we start losing interest in creating positive habits and breaking bad ones.

One survey found that the 2nd January of the new year is when we forget all about what we wanted to achieve (that’s right around the corner – Jan 14).

So here are some tips to keep your habits strong.

1. Make new ones: Visualize

We have all heard of the power of visualization. What studies show that WHAT we visualize matters. Visualize the process, not just the end result.

Why does it work? You become better at planning

2. Make new ones: Habit stacking

Sandwich your NEW habit between existing habits Example: After I have my morning coffee, I will ……

3. Break old ones: Use paper clips

Having a visual cue can help you realize how frequently you practice a bad habit. This is an important first step that gives you immediate feedback into your behaviors