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Turning ordinary candles into a timeless masterpiece

Jax local and home décor creator KJ Westbury stopped by to show how to turn ordinary tapered candles into a timeless conversational piece. While this DIY can be a bit of a trial-and-error process, it only requires a few steps.


  • To be able to bend the candles, first soak the candles in hot tap water. This can be done either in your sink, a large pot/dish, or a vase. You don’t want it to be boiling, but as hot as your hands can stand to be submerged in.
  • For some candles they may be malleable within a minute- for others, it can take longer. This part of the process may take upwards of 15-20.
    • Continuously feel the water to ensure it is hot, adding more hot tap water when necessary.
  • Keeping your candles in the water, start to slowly bend your candles. Bending the candles in the water helps to prevent cracking and breaking. If there is a lot of resistance let them sit in the water longer. If they seem to bend easily, bend them in your desired shape.
  • To create a flattened twist candle, remove your candle from the water and flatten the candle with a rolling pin or mason jar.
    • Leave at least 2 inches at the bottom unflattened to place in a candle holder once finished.
    • Once you’ve flattened it, place it back in your hot tap water bath and slowly twist the candle.
    • If you’re using a vase, you need to move quickly otherwise the candle will start to harden. If it does before you’re finished molding, place it back in the water for a few minutes.
  • To ensure the candles can stand on their own, press them onto a flat surface while they’re still warm.
  • Allow to rest and harden prior to use

Don’t want to make your own? Check out these small businesses below. To learn more about KJ and her business you can head to her Instagram page @witthrift.