Tips to creating success with Dr. V

Dr. V Brooks Dunbar of The Center for Confidence and CenCon Co-Work joined RCL today to talk networking and success! During a single month in 2020, more than 800,000 women left the workforce adding to up to more than 3 million by this time last year. Many of them took the leap to start their own business. Today, more than 1 million Americans have not yet returned to work. Leading the start up space are multicultural women. Here are some great tips and insights to how to make the leap a successful one.

Dr. V offered these tips for help multicultural women and allies who have started businesses or left the workplace since the pandemic

1. Do the research and what will make your story unique

2. Pay attention to industry market trends

3. Find a sponsor or champion

4. Build a referral network

5. Focus on financial goals

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