Gourmet milkshakes bring everyone to “The Yard”

The Yard Milkshake Bar recently opened at the St. John’s Town Center. Even after a week of business, customers were still lined up out the door to try a specialty shake.

Two local couples decided to bring the franchise to Jacksonville with the goal of making people smile. They first discovered The Yard in Alabama and have been in love with the idea since. The Yard was also featured on the hit show Shark Tank in 2019, and its popularity has skyrocketed ever since.

There is certainly an art to creating the specialty milkshakes served at The Yard. Every beautiful shake is made to order. The dipping team, dressing team, topping team, and runners work together to make and serve these signature creations.

The sunshine shake is unique to the Jacksonville location. This is an orange blossom milkshake topped with a locally baked cookie and cotton candy. Beth, one of the four franchise owners, told us her personal favorite milkshake is the unicorn, which is topped with homemade rainbow whipped cream and a chocolate-dipped unicorn horn.

To get your hands on one of The Yard’s specialty milkshakes, visit them at 4906 Town Center Parkway, Unit 406. They’re open every day 12-8 PM. Keep up with The Yard on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and theyardmilkshakebar.com.