Neat Cheats | Trending makeup tips and hacks

Carrie Wilson is a professional makeup artist sharing her hot takes on todays makeup trends and how to tailor them for ideal everyday wear! Check out her TREND & TRY guide below!


TREND: I have been seeing where people suggest to put blush really far back on the cheek and super high on the cheek bone, as well as over the nose.

TRY: Instead, I recommend placing it right on the apple of the cheek and on the bone into the hair line. This offers a more “flushed” and natural look.


TREND: The trend on social media seems to be to overline the lips, sometimes lining on the skin rather than the lip.

TRY: Instead, I recommend to line right on the lip line, or slightly over the edge. In person overlining can be very obvious. I want people to see a full lip or defined lip without it looking fake. Using a liner that is just a shade or two darker than your lip line can also give you a very nice effect.


TREND: Highlighter is a great way to give the skin glow, but unfortunately if overdone it can look too shiny. If placed over fine lining, it can also accentuate that area.

TRY: Try using a highlighter that is similar in depth to your skin tone so it only offers a glow to the skin. Not color. Place on the temple, upper cheek bone and slightly around the brow area. You can also place it on your nose, cupid’s bow and chin, but be careful not to apply too much, especially if your skin is oily.