Mental Wellness Wednesday | Stop stressing about aging

Here are some take aways that can make a difference to your mental health when it comes to age.

1. Change your language

Instead of attributing what you can’t do to your age, find a reason that is within your control. Ex: If you like to run, instead of saying oh, I’m old, I can’t. Say " I need to spend a little extra time warming up”.

WHY this works: This shift in language also shifts your mindset to something that you can change/control

2.Use the word “Right Now”

WHY? When you add Right Now after something, it shifts your Time perspective to recognize that injury/pain etc is temporary and not necessarily permanent. It can reduce the feeling of helplessness.

3. Don’t just learn 1 new thing – Learn 3!

A recent study asked adults between 58 -84 years to learn 3 new things for 6 weeks (15hours pw) – painting, photography, a new language. They found that learning multiple new skills at the same time reversed their cognitive aging and they were performing as well as someone 30 yrs younger!

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