Mompreneur Marketplace: Sk8HERS Inc.

Sk8HERS Inc mission is to promote and improve health and wellness, education, recreation and sisterhood within female youth skate organization. Once a girl chooses roller skating as a recreation, it can quickly become her passion! However, if she’s in her stages of puberty she may feel confused, frustrated and just not motivated. SK8HERS Inc. is the solution to that problem! What girl wouldn’t want to be involved in something that’s safe, fun and healthy?! If she’s constantly learning new skate moves, hanging out with friends, getting involved in the community, and being surrounded in a positive environment she’ll be motivated to do more! It is vital that our female youth be encouraged to involve movement in their everyday lifestyle! Roller skating can be done anywhere, at any age and at any stage of life! Join in on the roller skating fun!!! Join SK8HERS Inc.