Mental Wellness Wednesday | How to navigate family dynamics

With the holiday season around the corner, some of us may be dreading it because of family interactions. It may be that you have an Enmeshed relationship w family.

What is it?

An overly connected relationship; the thought of not being involved in their decisions causes anxiety

Example: Family member doesn’t respect your boundaries (They have a vote on your decisions about job, relationships, etc)

Enmeshment signs:

1) You “absorb” others’ feelings / feel a need to fix their problems

2) Your relationship determines your happiness / self-esteem

3) You avoid conflicts / trouble saying “no”

What to do?

1) Practice AGENCY: Ask yourself: Is this what I want?

My research found that a healthy sense of self is one of the biggest buffers against depression.

2) Draw a circle: Create a boundary to remind yourself

3) ask yourself: is it helpful to say this