Delicious & healthy vegan eats to kick off the New Year

When Chef LaTasha says that she makes her delicious, vegan food with love...she means it. Kravegan is a local vegan restaurant located in the Orange Park mall (they have a food truck too!) where the menu is food that caters to every taste bud adapted to a vegan diet. That includes items like Mac N Cheeze, chik’n tenders, and a variety of tacos.

LaTasha Keiser, according to their website, has been making food from scratch since she was nine years old. As a child, she received the gift of cooking from her father. “He taught me that food is like colors. You shouldn’t be afraid to play around with flavors,” she explains. After going vegan two years ago, she began applying the same skills and techniques she learned in her family’s kitchen to create meatless versions of the foods she craved.

If you would like to learn more about Kravegan, you can visit