Wicked Batter Cafe has re-opened!

Wicked Batter Café is a local Jacksonville restaurant that focuses on providing quality baked goods and exceptional service to all of their customers. Family owned and operated. They prepare just about everything in house. Wicked Batter Café does not use fillers, preservatives or any ingredient that is not up to their standards. They strictly regulate what goes into the products to ensure that you are receiving only the highest quality baked goods. The food that isn’t prepared in house comes from Florida vendors that share the same philosophy that they ensure to up hold. They also provide wholesale and special orders for just about anything.

We talked with the owners Barbara Tharp and Kelsie Willoughby and they want all Jacksonville resident to know they are open again! " We were down for 8 months and there are lots of folks that don’t know we were able to return, or where we are! For those new to Wicked Batter we want them to know there is a place in town to get true made from scratch goodies, both traditional and our low carb/no sugar line. That we specialize in the simple but delicious, truly made from raw ingredients.

If you would like to find out more info you can visit: .wickedbattercafe.com/