Summer skin tips

Noreen Young is back in studio bringing you her best summer skin tips:

1. Everyone no matter what their color needs sunscreen, sunglasses and lips protected with a lip balm too. I recently discovered a cool tool called “Solar Buddies” it is an application tool that helps you apply sunscreen with ease. Even children can use it and apply sunscreen by themselves. Just roll on your fav sunscreen and go.

2. Wearing perfume and spending time at the beach, on your patio or backyard barbeque can cause sunspots. You know those pesky brown areas that come out of nowhere. Don’t wear fragrance when going in the sun.

3. Your sexy shiny lip glosses or new “Lip Oils” are not good to wear while sunbathing or hanging in the sun. They attract and reflect the sun’s rays especially by water or on a sandy beach. Wear a lip balm instead.

4. Sunglasses are not just for celebrities. We need them too. Not just to protect the skin around our eyes but the eyes themselves. Squinting gives you wrinkles on your eye area and face. Find a pair of sunglasses and wear them year round.

5. Stay hydrated but not with drinks like Margaritas ‚lemonade or citrus drinks they can make the skin more vulnerable to sunburn and not so pretty sunspots. Lemons 🍋 don’t play well on your skin or hair while spending time in the sun!

6. Let’s have have some fun and make a DIY or beauty hack you’ll love. It is a so easy to make and cheaper than buying it. Simply take a loose shimmery eyeshadow or a shadow that broke into pieces. Place it in a mini bowl and mix it in with some hand cream or body lotion. Preferably without a fragrance. You’ll create a gorgeous glowy lotion for your face shoulders,decolette,arms and legs. Really works and moisturizes your skin too! Say “Hello Gorgeous!”

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