5 Tips to Getting Your Kitchen into “Back to School” Fighting Shape

Erica’s Top tips:

It’s important to prep your kitchen for the madness that is back to school by doing the following:

1. Sharpening your knives

2. Purchasing a nice set of Tupperware (and organizing your existing Tupperware collection

3. Label everything to reduce food waste

4. Re-organizing your fridge pantry to remove things that are expired

5. Flexible meal planning for 3 meals to keep 2 days open for leftovers

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Erica Lovelace is a food writer, social media content creator, and graduate of the San Francisco Cooking School. She spends her time creating educational video content on social media using the skills she gained in school to help people improve their home cooking. In addition, Erica’s long form articles are featured on Mark Bittman’s blog, Heated, and she has done cooking demonstrations on regional broadcast television. As a Southerner with Chinese roots, her cuisine focuses on fusing the culinary traditions of both home and heritage.