Sweating for the wedding? Meghan Markle has always been fitness junkie

Bride-to-be 'very focused on her health,' former trainer says

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Some soon-to-be brides start making it a point to hit the gym once they have their wedding day set, but Meghan Markle has always been a fitness junkie.

Markle's former trainer, Craig McNamee, founder of Catalyst Health in Toronto, said that, when he met her three years ago, she was already in fantastic shape from running and yoga. He added that when she gets to the gym, she gets right down to business without complaining.

"Meghan's fitness definitely takes priority," he told Women's Health magazine. "She's very focused on her health."

So how exactly does she stay fit?

"Generally speaking, we had a full-body approach," McNamee said.

He said he supplemented her existing regimen with circuit-based strength training by including glutes, back and hamstring exercises, with plenty of core work. But the big focus was to not be too repetitive and create a dynamic workout with a lot of variety.

For example, a workout would begin with a five-minute cardio warmup, five-minute stretch, a 30-minute full-body circuit that included bands, dumbbells and a kettlebell before a five-minute stretching cool down.

In addition to having good fitness habits, Markle takes her nutrition very seriously.

"She is incredibly health-conscious and very aware of what type of food she's putting in her body," said Joe, the owner of a Toronto juice kitchen Markle frequented, according to Brides.com.

He said Markle makes sure to eat more fruits and veggies when she has a busy schedule so as to de-stress and stay energized and added that she loves green juice.

"Some people like to sweeten them with fruits, but Megan preferred hers to be very leafy green," Joe said.

Since Markle's move to England, her multiweek training sessions with McNamee have been put on hold, but he said they still stay in touch and he's confident she's going to stick with her training.

"Meghan is dedicated to her health. It's a big aspect of her life," he said.

She will undoubtedly look like a fit princess come May 19.

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