Extreme weather: These tips will help you be prepared

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Have you noticed the cooler temperatures we’ve been experiencing? It feels nice after our long, hot summer, doesn’t it?

With winter right around the corner, it’s always best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature might throw your way.

Here are some things you can do to be sure you’re prepared for the coming season:


Make sure gutters are clean.

Have your furnace and chimney inspected.

Check weather stripping and caulking on all windows.

Close fireplace dampeners to prevent heat loss.

Get the ceiling fans running clockwise to push the warm air down.


Check the pressure and tread depth of tires.

Stock up on windshield wiper fluid.

Make sure your antifreeze level is full.

If your wiper blades have seen better days, get a heavier duty set installed.

Make sure you have a small shovel, scraper and snow brush ready in the trunk.

While there might be days that are too cold to do much outside, it could be a prime time to do some work in and around the house, such as organizing the garage, shed or attic, finishing out a basement or renovating a bathroom.

Master DIY expert and TV host David Sheinkopf swears by Post-it Extreme Notes to help with those tasks.

"They’re durable, writeable and water resistant and can stick to textured surfaces, such as wood, cement, brick, tile, even in extreme hot or cold temperatures," he said.

They can also be used to label dry wall, pipes, concrete during a big renovation, or make notes to yourself as you complete smaller tasks anywhere around the home.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself handy around the house, these tips are simple enough for anyone to protect your property inside and out.