New treatment shows great success in treating acute, chronic pain

More than 83% of patients feel relief from pain

AcuteWave therapy.
AcuteWave therapy. (AcuteWave)

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There are few things more inhibiting than acute and chronic pain.

Excessive discomfort in those areas can make it difficult to do the simplest of life’s tasks, whether it’s walking, standing, changing clothes or even sneezing.

But there’s a new technology available to help with that pain to make those life tasks as simple as they should be.

Alpha Wave Health Centers is offering a treatment called acoustic pressure wave therapy, or AcuteWave, which is a popular method to help deal with acute and chronic pain in multiple areas.

AcuteWave areas of treatment.
AcuteWave areas of treatment. (AcuteWave)

What is AcuteWave’s acoustic pressure wave therapy?

The treatment consists of a small handheld device that sends acoustical waves through the body via a series of short, painless pulsations. A gel is applied to the specified treatment area.

The method was discovered in Europe in 1985 as a way to break up kidney stones, but it has since been utilized to treat acute and chronic pain.

How long does a typical treatment take?

The AcuteWave treatments are done within 20 minutes and are 100% natural, with no pills, no needles and no surgery.

How is the AcuteWave treatment effective?

A non-invasive treatment method, acoustic pressure wave therapy stimulates metabolism enhances blood circulation and allows damaged tissue to regenerate.

What is the success rate?

The treatment has an 83% success rate and almost all patients report some type of relief.

Those patients who show success from the AcuteWave treatment have had full mobility restored to them and pain eliminated, sometimes after only three treatments.

How can I find out more information?

To learn more about AcuteWave’s therapy, visit EaseTheHurt.com.