3 things you can do to protect your home against Florida’s weather

Ever heard of Rhino Shield? This local product from a local company is changing the game

A home that's been coated with Rhino Shield.
A home that's been coated with Rhino Shield. (Photo provided by Rhino Shield)

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Let’s be honest: Florida is a wonderful place to live, vacation, visit or frequent.

But considering the heat, heavy rains, hurricanes and humidity, it can be hard to maintain a home.

We thought we’d round up three things you can do to protect your house against Florida’s often-crazy weather.

Make sure your roof is in its best possible condition.

Maybe that means calling the experts out to patch a leak or ensure you’re without any lingering damage. Or perhaps your roof is on its last legs and it’s time to think about getting a new one. There are no easy (or cheap!) answers here, but it’s likely well worth your time and money to invest in your roof, before that next storm rolls into town.

Storm-proof your house.

Are your trees trimmed? Are you clearing debris from your yard or property on a regular basis? Have you considered having storm shutters installed, depending on where you live? These are all smart considerations and practices -- and again, things you want to think about doing before any adverse weather shows up on your doorstep.

Protect your paint.

Did you know an average paint only lasts about three to four years? That’s according to Rhino Shield, a company that designed a product specifically meant to tackle that problem.

Because nobody wants to paint and then repaint, right?

Rhino Shield is a waterproof ceramic coating that comes in any color.

A before-and-after shot, with the before on the left. This house is made of wood.
A before-and-after shot, with the before on the left. This house is made of wood. (Photo provided by Rhino Shield)

It goes over any surface: Stucco, brick, block, Hardie board, wood, coquina, metal or vinyl sidings. And you don’t have to worry about it once it’s on -- it comes with a 25-year warranty that protects against things like peeling, chipping and bubbling.

If you move, you can transfer that warranty to the next homeowner. You could use it on a commercial or industrial property, as well.

Rhino Shield has many benefits. It’s protective, insulating and soundproof. It’s even low-maintenance. All you need to use is a garden hose to clean it off, considering it uses superior adhesion and ceramic coating technology.

Wondering what it would look like on your home?

The coating resembles exterior latex paint, but it dries 10 times stronger, leaving a perfect thickness on walls.

Another before-and-after comparison, with the before shot on the left.
Another before-and-after comparison, with the before shot on the left. (Photo provided by Rhino Shield)
A third before-and-after shot on a house with vinyl.
A third before-and-after shot on a house with vinyl. (Photo provided by Rhino Shield)

The coating is designed to save people money in the long run, by not having to repaint their homes every few years. This essentially ends the paint cycle.

It’s not a coincidence that the Rhino Shield founders understand the state’s needs so well. The company and the product have been custom-tailored for Floridians, by Floridians.

In fact, the business was formed in response to the harsh weather climates of Florida. The owners saw that regular paint just couldn’t hold up to the tropical storms, and the volume of water coupled with the blistering heat. And now there’s a solution.

Rhino Shield is based in Jacksonville, and it’s currently celebrating its 20th year in business.

  • The company’s rating with the Better Business Bureau? A+.
  • What about Angie’s List? A+.
  • Facebook? Five stars.
  • Google? 4.7 stars.

Rhino Shield is part of the Florida Green Building Coalition, as it’s a certified "green'' product. That means it’s safe and environment friendly. The coating carries almost no odor and it’s flame resistant. It also decreases the growth of mold, mildew, and algae and it’s 100% acrylic.

Wondering how you can get Rhino Shield, or what you’d need to do beforehand to prepare your home or business?

Good news: The company takes care of all the prep work before it adds the coating, which is a three-step process.

So all you need to do is contact the company if you’d like to learn more.