Here’s how one doctor is proposing we crack down on opioid epidemic

‘By taking opioids to mask pain, you aren’t resolving the issue,’ doctor says

Woman holding her head up, showing her neck.
Woman holding her head up, showing her neck.

Despite everything else going on in the world, an opioid problem still exists, and one could argue that it may get worse as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Dr. Anthony Crothers, also known as Doc Tony, said the paradigm concerning opioids simply needs to change, and health professionals everywhere can help.

“There are alternatives to taking pain medications,” said Crothers, who, along with his team, provides chiropractic care at three locations in Jacksonville.

He said pain is a good indicator that something is wrong. By taking opioids to mask that pain, you aren’t resolving the issue, you’re just covering it up temporarily.

Crothers compared it to a vehicle.

“If your oil light came on in your car, you know, ‘There’s something wrong with my car,’” he said. “Your car is telling you, you need oil. If you just take the fuse out, you’ll keep driving around and blow up your engine. (The) oil light is your car’s way of telling you there’s a problem.”

He said not only do other health professionals need to stop prescribing opioids so liberally, but they can do their part to help in changing the opioid problem that’s happening now in the United States.

Whether someone has been in crash, taken a fall or has an ongoing problem from any type of injury, chiropractic care is something that can help get someone to the core of his or her issues and start recovery without opioids, according to Crothers.

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