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LPGA pro credits proper eye hygiene as key to her success

Amelia Lewis: ‘My eyes are my livelihood’

How sharp is your vision when you golf?
How sharp is your vision when you golf? (Magda Ehlers/Pexels stock image)

There are many reasons why professional golfer Amelia Lewis has had a successful career, but there might not be a more important one than her eyesight.

“My eyes are my livelihood – my ability to see clearly outdoors is what makes or breaks my performance," Lewis said. “I can see very well with my contact lenses, but I still make it a point to see my eye doctor at least once a year, every year.”

According to a recent Johnson & Johnson Vision Eye Health survey, 80% of adults said they know regular eye exams are important to their overall health. However, only 46% of all respondents said they get an eye exam each year.

“The most important step towards health eyes is an annual exams.” says Dr. Jay Harrelson, Optometrist at ClearViewEyeJax.  “An eye exam can help with the early detection of many conditions, including potential complications from improper contact lens wear.”

According to the CDC, contact lenses provide vision benefits, but they are not risk-free if wear and care instructions are not followed. Contact lenses should feel comfortable and allow you to see well. If they don’t, schedule an appointment for your eye doctor to re-check your eyes and lenses.

“I wore reusable contact lenses, and they were very comfortable until recently” Lewis said. “I went to see my eye doctor and he recommended switching from a reusable to a daily disposable contact lens. Now, I start every day with a fresh pair of contact lenses and keep my eyes clear from the contaminants or particles that sometimes make their way into the solution.”

Maintaining good eye hygiene -- it really does make all the difference.

Lewis has earned 10 top-10 finishes and 17 top-15 results on the LPGA and Ladies European Tours since she turned professional in 2010.

Here are some ways for you to perform good eye hygiene if you wear contact lenses.

  • Have some that are comfortable in order to avoid behaviors such as rubbing the eyes, using eye drops or adjusting/moving the contact lenses.
  • Wash your hands before touching your lenses. Seven out of 10 American report washing their hands or using disinfectant more frequently due to COVID-19.
  • Use fresh contact solution each day and night.
  • Get the correct solution for your lenses.
  • Take your lenses out overnight.
  • If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, consider going to a lens with UV protection and blue-light filtering, such as ACUVUE.
  • Get an eye exam and have a discussion with your doctor about the lens options that best suit your lifestyle.

For more information about the importance of eye health and all the ways to maintain the best habits with contact lenses, click or tap here -- and tune in to a future segment Oct. 21 that will feature Lewis and Jacksonville-based optometrist Jay Harrelson.