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Know a teacher who deserves $1,000 for the classroom? Enter that person here

Hodges Mazda Presents Teacher Of The Week
Hodges Mazda Presents Teacher Of The Week

Teachers are incredible -- and often, they find themselves pouring their own hard-earned money and resources into their classrooms.

Hodges Mazda wants to change all that.

From June 28 through Aug. 23, 2021, we’re hosting a weekly submission for people to either enter themselves or a beloved teacher to win $1,000 for their classroom.

The Hodges Mazda contest will run for nine weeks, giving away a total of $9,000. (Awesome!)

So, in 100 words or fewer, tell us why you or a teacher you know should win a $1,000 for the classroom.

You may enter more than once and as many times as you want. Weekly winners will be selected randomly and announced on River City Live from 11a-12p every Friday.