How Much Do RV City Fans Spend?

Fans: Florida-Georgia Experience Worth Cost

Campers line up early to get first dibs on a great spot leading up to the Florida-Georgia game.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Have you ever thought about how much Florida and Georgia fans staying in RV City spend to have that experience?

With all the extra equipment people bring along with them -- like golf carts, TVs, stereos and grills -- it can easily cost a lot of money.

The base price begins simply by staying at RV City. Fans pay $85 a day to park their RV, and an extra $20 a day if they have a car.

Speaking of cars and RVs -- those vehicles don't run themselves.

Patrons said they easily spend hundreds of dollars on gas, plus hundreds of dollars on food.

In all, many fans said they expect to spend at least $1,000 -- though some plan for much more.

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By adding about $420 to park an RV and a car for four days, about $500 for food, about $500 for gas and about $300 for renting a golf cart, the total comes out to more than $1,700. That doesn't include extras, like stereos and other electronics.

But is it worth it? To some fans, the experience is truly priceless.

"It may cost a little bit, but the fun outweighs it," one fan said.

"This is the big game of the year for all of us," Gator fan Ron Skinner said. My family comes. My friends come."

RV city opens Wednesday morning. Most fans there budget in staying for four days, which is through Saturday.