Bradley preaches consistency with Jaguars

Gabbert, offense struggle on team drills

Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert fumbles under pressure during a training camp practice.
Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert fumbles under pressure during a training camp practice.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gus Bradley's message for day 2 of training camp centered around consistency.

"I felt like we did some good things but things showed up that we have to get corrected and I think our team understands that," said Bradley. "But they're all under our control and that's the good thing about it."

Veteran linebacker Paul Posluszny agreed with his head coach on the need to perform at a high level every single down.

"He wants us to not be successful on two plays in a row and then take a play off or make a mistake," said Posluszny. "We need to be consistent throughout practice and have that transfer to games. If we have two great plays and then give up a big one, we're right back where we started so that was the message today post-practice."

Saturday's practice also brought out some more competition at the quarterback position. Blaine Gabbert struggled at times during 11 on 11 team drills. Gabbert fumbled the second snap and was intercepted by Alan Ball on a pass intended for Cecil Shorts.

"Those things are all under our control," said Gabbert's head coach. "And whether it's the center or the quarterback or whatever the case, I think that's what's great teaching tape for our team to say 'Alright, here's what happened. It's not acceptable. We don't like it. We're not going to tolerate it. But let's get it corrected."

Gabbert took responsibility for the miscues and vowed to learn from the mistakes.

"They can't happen," said the third-year quarterback. "And that falls on me. They're gonna happen but you want to minimize them. It's an unforced error that we can't afford to have."

2,067 people attended day 2 of training camp.  Sunday's practice is scheduled for 9:55 AM.