Jacksonville fans taking in the sights

Hundreds of devoted Jacksonville Jaguar fans made the trip and were showing their team spirit.
Hundreds of devoted Jacksonville Jaguar fans made the trip and were showing their team spirit.

LONDON – A walk down any busy London street is an adventure in itself. And if you like people watching, this city has no peer.

People from all over the world come to London to sight-see, to shop, and some to come to the Jaguars game on Sunday.

Of all the fans I've talked to here, none of them seem concerned at all that the Jaguars are 0-7.

"Not at all," Mike Kearney told me. "We started planning this trip as soon as they announced it last year," his wife Barb chimed in. "Our whole tailgate group -- there's nine of us -- are here. Wouldn't miss it."

You could call the game the "icing" for Mike and Barb. They're enjoying everything London has to offer.

"We're from Chicago originally so we're used to the big city. London has so much history; so much going on. We really like it," Mike added.

It wasn't long after I started talking with the Kearney's before Mike and Liz Adams from Macclenny stopped by to say hi. They're including a Chunnel trip to Paris in their excursion and are Jaguars fans no matter what. I asked them if they thought about staying home with the Jaguars struggling so much.

"No," they both said emphatically. "We go to the game with hope, Liz continued. "It's not like we've given up. We go to the games and see that they're getting better. We're not walking out on them.

I spotted Susan Cicchino from about a football field away, resplendent in her teal scarf enjoying the sights and sounds of London. She and her husband John describe themselves as "day one" season ticket holders from Neptune Beach. They told me with a laugh that they told their grown college age children they'd have to stay home, the two of them were going on this trip together.

"We planned it right from the start. We're here for the experience, the first time the Jaguars are playing here. It's great," Susan told me. They're also including a trip to Paris while following the Jaguars.

While taking in all that history and culture I asked if they were going to bring a little bit of Jacksonville's culture to the game: like tailgating.

"I wish I had a car and a cooler," Susan said with a big smile. "We'll go to the square and celebrate then go to the game."

"They don't drink beer in their seats at the stadium like we do at home," John quipped.

"I don't know what I'm going to do!" Susan said with a huge smile only found on people thoroughly enjoying themselves.