Running the Gate to raise awareness

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Running the Gate River Run, 15k, is work in itself. But imagine running it with a firefighters gear on, or connected to another person as a makeshift ship.

Kerry Heppler and Bobby Green transformed into their version of a ship, with a message to "Bring home the Adams." They along with others are pushing to bring the U.S.S. Charles F. Adams to the Shipyards, and create Florida's first Naval Ship museum.

"You got to bring home the Adams. It's coming into the shipyard and we're just raising awareness for the Adams and the new museum. He is going to be here by Veterans Day," Kerry Helpler said.

Lt. Eric Prosswimer with Jacksonville Fire and Rescue ran the entire race with his gear on in honor of 9/11. It's something he's done for 13-years. 


"We lost 343 firefighters on 9/11. We'll never forget them. We can never forget them. They gave their lives the ultimate sacrifice. They are all brothers and sisters of ours," said Prosswimer.

While he and his fellow firefighters honor their brothers from another community, Prosswimer says it's also about letting people in this community know their firefighters are here.

"We get great support along the way from all runners. All the fans just a way to give back for the city to know that there are firefighters out there willing, able, and ready." said Prosswimmer.