UK Jags fans gets the gift of sight

JACKSONVILLE – They say eyes are the windows to the soul, but what happens when that window is dark? Carlo Mysko's vision was in jeopardy and he was searching everywhere for answers.

"I would not be able to recognize people in the swimming pool," Mysko said. "Writing would be very brutal. I was quite desperate to have something done because I was told I couldn't wear contact lenses anymore so I was forced into surgery."

After months of research on the internet, Mysko found Jacksonville ophthalmologist Dr. Arun Gulani.

"What I did for him was a new technique called laser corneoplastique," Gulani said. "You use the same laser like a lasik surgery where you can actually bring them back to excellent vision, erasing their past."

The surgery worked and now Mysko has his sights set on football...Jaguars football.

"The NFL is getting very big in Europe," said Gulani. "And he said, 'Doc if I can see this great, I'd love to see the Jaguar games' and I said sure."

"I'm quite a sporty people," Mysko said. "I like my soccer as you call it. But coming to Jacksonville, one of the first things is it's the home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. I know they've come over to the UK to promote themselves. American football is getting big in the UK. It would be awesome."