Sharks endzone celebration pays tribute to The Rock

Do you smell what the Sharks are cooking?


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Often times the NFL stand for No Fun League. Touchdown celebrations are frowned upon and if you take it too far a penalty flag will be thrown. However, in the Arena Football League the bigger the celebration the better. The Jacksonville Sharks had plenty to celebrate following their 63-16 blowout win over the Tampa Bay Storm. The victory also locked up a spot in the AFL playoffs.

In the midst of the rout the Sharks found some time to have a little bit of fun. With the Sharks up by 40 wide-receiver Tiger Jones channeled his inner WWF and dropped the Rock's People's Elbow on teammate Moqut Ruffins.


Even the Rock himself approved of possibly the best end-zone celebration since the days of Chad Ochocinco.