Sharks stake claim as 'The People's Team'

Sharks end-zone celebration has gone viral

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Can you smell what the Sharks are cooking? Not only are the Sharks heading to the playoffs, following Saturday's 63-16 blowout win over the Tampa Bay Storm, they produced an end-zone celebration that's gone viral.

In the fourth quarter of Saturday's game, Jacksonville wide receiver Tiger Jones caught a three-yard touchdown pass from Tommy Grady. Jones, who is known around the Arena Football League for his creative touchdown celebrations, proceeded to imitate the "People's Elbow," made famous by actor Dwayne Johnson during his professional wrestling career as The Rock. After the score, Jones clotheslined teammate Moqut Ruffins, and performed The Rock's famous finishing move. Jones' fellow receivers got in on the action, as London Crawford pinned Ruffins to the ground and Joe Hills played the role of referee.

Even The Rock himself approved of the end-zone celebration.



"This is why we call the AFL the All Fun League," Sharks Operating Manager Jeff Bouchy said. "Tiger and his teammates have set a new bar for creative celebrations, and the team is fired up to be recognized by The Rock himself. ‘The People's Team' has a nice ring to it. It would be great if we can get The People's Champion to Jacksonville to see The People's Team. Can you smell what the Sharks are cookin'?"