Fans can't wait for Georgia, Florida kickoff

Fans already partying in RV City


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Less than 48 hours before game time for The Florida-Georgia game and the party in RV City has already started.

Bulldogs and Gators fans are filling the River City, getting ready for the big game Saturday.

The annual Georgia vs. Florida game will be played at 3:30 p.m. Saturday at EverBank Field.

Many fans have been in town for a few days already, setting up in RV City downtown and getting their tailgating started early.

It's been a process, taking most of the week to get things set up, and it's still not complete. 

Along with fans there are some pieces of memorabilia that can only be found in RV City, like a special T-shirt that pronounces, "Free Willy," referring to suspended UF quarterback Will Grier.

A few people said Thursday that they were pacing themselves but would really get the party started Thursday night.


Pockets of orange and blue and red and black dot RV City as fans show their colors.
The fans are rivals when it comes to what happens on the field, but in the parking lot, they're friends – everyone is just out to have a good time.

"It's great watching everybody with the camaraderie," Bulldogs fan Marty Cheek said. "All day, people like this just make you laugh and joke and cut up. It's just a great time."

Most of the people Thursday were walking around checking in with old friends that they haven't seen since last year.

The drinks were cold, the food was cooking, and fans were enjoying everything from sandwiches and burgers to short ribs, T-bone steaks and even a whole barbecued pig.


Fans in RV City said the menu line-up is equal parts tradition and superstition.

"We're having short ribs today. Tomorrow it's spaghetti. We will make a huge pot of spaghetti. It's community spaghetti day," Gators fan Sheppard Ellison said. "And Saturday we do baby backs." 

Aside from food there is plenty of gear for fans to pick up in the many shops throughout RV City.

Flags, coozies, shoes, hats, shirts, you name it, they've probably got it. One tent is open 24 hours a day, but doing that not only takes a lot of effort, it also takes a lot of risk. It can be pretty hit or miss with what will sell and what won't.

Unlike last year, there isn't much cold weather gear to be found. Fans have been stopping by throughout the day to get what they want and it's only going to get busier as the game gets closer.'


John Smith with Sports Mania Jacksonville Beach RV City is right across the street from where fans are gathering and said he's had to make some changes this year to keep up.

"We actually had to make golf cart parking. Not for cars, golf carts. That's how many people are down here all week. We used to open on Friday, now this thing, had it not rained on Tuesday we would've been open Tuesday afternoon," Smith said.