Jaguars respond to Packers dramatic win

The Jaguars responded to Green Bay via Twitter


DETROIT – The Jacksonville Jaguars had a little fun on social media after Thursday night's comeback win by the Green Bay Packers.

The Packers were losing 23-21 to the Lions when a last-second pass attempt failed. However, the Lions were penalized for a face mask on the quarterback. That extended the game for one untimed down. On the next play, Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers threw a 61-yard touchdown pass to win the game. Packers win, 27-23.

Last month, the Jaguars won in a similar fashion in the game against the Ravens. In that game, the Ravens appeared to have beaten Jacksonville. However, the officials called a face mask penalty against Baltimore, extending the game by one play. The Jaguars then kicked a field goal and won.

After Green Bay's win, the Jaguars Twitter account posted, "Hey @packers, that ending looked familiar."

The Jaguars won on a Hail Mary against Houston back in 2010.