Jaguars' gameday replays instantly visible

New app works inside Everbank stadium only

Jaguars fans at Everbank Stadium.
Jaguars fans at Everbank Stadium.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A big change is coming to the way fans watch Jaguars games at Everbank Field. For the first time, fans will be able to watch instant replays from their seats by using their smart phones.

The new service will be available via a gameday app and a partnership with the company VOKE.

The key to using the app is you have to be inside the stadium to use it, due to NFL broadcast restrictions. However, from the opening kick to the final whistle, all of the plays are there for you to watch over and over again for the first time at an NFL stadium.

The new instant replay feature on the Jaguars gameday app is not only something that you won't be able to get if you're watching from home or say at a sports bar, it's also something that around the NFL, you'll only be able to get if you come to a game here at Everbank field.

“The replays are coming in within two to three seconds of each play being over all camera technology in that same moment,” said Steve Ziff, Jaguars vice president of marketing and digital media.

Jaguars’ fans have sat in their seats and watched a replay on a video board. While, the world’s largest video boards are a great place to see them, patrons may want to see them after the next play or again later in the game. This is now possible by opening the app, scrolling to the last screen, and loading up the feature at the bottom and you will get four different angles to watch it from.

”One of the reasons to come to a game is to get a further than enhancement, which is the virtual reality replay,” said Ziff. “It's really predicated on broadcast restrictions by the NFL, with taking broadcast restrictions out of the stadium. We like the fact that it provides another reason to come to a game.”

Fans won't be able to take advantage of this instant replay feature this weekend because the Jaguars are on the road. On Dec. 13, when they return home to take on the Colts will be the first time all fans inside Everbank field will be able check out the new feature.

These new services are part of a global strategy from Shad Khan and Mark Lamping which are designed to really enhance Jacksonville, bring tourism in, bring more people to the marketplace, and really get Jaguar fans the best potential experience for their dollar in Jacksonville.