Fan perspective: Jaguars blow away Colts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Midway through the fourth quarter of the Jaguars 51-16 win over the Colts, fans at EverBank field were heading for the exits. That’s been a familiar scene over the year but this time it wasn’t because of another close Jaguars loss. It was because of a blowout in the Jaguars favor. That type of thing hasn’t happened in Jacksonville in quite some time.

“It was a fantastic win,” said Jaguars season ticket holder Ray Nader. “In the first half the defense was playing their hearts out and the offense was moving pretty slow. I was saying to Janie [Nader’s daughter], why can’t we have the offense and the defense play together as a team? In the second half it happened.”

Prior to Sunday’s win the Jaguars playoff hopes were fading fast, but now that’s not the case. “They have a shot,” said Jaguars fan John Petry. “They’ve got to pull it together and perform. It’s like a concert, if you play the wrong notes everybody is going to boo you. So you have to play the right notes.”

The Jaguars have three games left to string together enough momentum for a playoff run.