Caldwell: Staff changes expected on defense

(Associated Press)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Here are the biggest takeaways from Jaguars General Manager Dave Caldwell’s season ending press conference:

-In terms of fixing defense: Caldwell said that he expects that there will be some coaching changes on that side of the ball. Only the New Orleans Saints allowed more points per game this season than the Jaguars. Gus Bradley is meeting with the staff today.

-Caldwell also mentioned that he thinks it’s easier and quicker to fix a defense than it is an offense in the NFL

-On Bradley’s first two season: Caldwell said that he doesn’t blame Gus Bradley for his first two seasons in Jacksonville because they didn’t have the talent to compete.

-Quarterback Blake Bortles broke the thumb on his non-throwing left hand during Sunday’s loss to Houston. Caldwell said that Bortles will be in a cast for at least a couple of weeks.

-On Free Agency: Caldwell said that the Jaguars have a mountain of cap space and that they will aggressive.

-More on Free Agency: Goal is to fill the holes on the team through free agency and then select the best player available in the draft. Jaguars have eight picks this year.

-On keeping Gus Bradley: He has a good mind for the X’s and O’s of the game plus he can make difficult decisions and the players love him and play their tails off for him.

-Message to fan base: I understand their frustration by I appreciate their patience. We're going to get this thing right.

-Caldwell: I think the rebuild is right where we thought it would be. Competing for a playoff spot into December shows progress.