The Jaguars have new cheerleaders for the upcoming season

The competition to be a part of Roar is complete


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We now have our new Roar cheerleading squad, for the upcoming season’s Jacksonville Jaguars games. Saturday almost 60 women auditioned with hopes of becoming a Jaguars cheerleader. Thirty-four were chosen and Channel 4’s Ashley Mitchem was among the judges deciding who would make the cut.

Mitchem says it wasn’t easy making the decision and the tryouts were tough. It was an emotional day because half the women who auditioned were cut. That left 34 ladies celebrating their chance to join or stick with the Roar for another season.

ROAR Cheerleader, Taylor Rodd says, “I love being a part of this team. (It’s an) awesome experience.”

Even women, like Rodd, who were on the team have to try out again. That ensures that everyone who wants to try out,  has a chance to make the team.

Shelby Mayo, who also auditioned, says, “There's a huge group. It's nice to know I'm in here too.”

Round two of auditions for The Roar happened at the Times Union Center in downtown Jacksonville. The contestants were judged on their ability to dance and do gymnastics.

ROAR Cheerleader, Kendall Clemenz says, “It would definitely be performing. It's like, oh my god, this is happening!” 

Now that the new team is formed, it’s all practice, practice, practice to get ready for the Jaguars’ football season. Pre-season for the 2016-17 season, starts in August. 

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