Billy Horschel feeding NE Florida

No sport in the world gives more money to charities than the PGA Tour.  In 2015 alone, they donated more than $160 million.  Former Florida Gator and Ponte Vedra resident Billy Horschel plans to be a big part of that this year.

Horschel will donate $1,000 for every birdie and $5,000 for every eagle at The PLAYERS this year to Feeding NE Florida. 

"Last year we decided to do $500 for every birdie and $1,000 for every eagle and ended up raising $50,000.  This year we decided to up the ante a bit."

After winning the FedEx Cup in 2014, Horschel and his wife Brittany got involved with Feeding NE Florida. He says that win and the birth of his daughter Skyler put things in perspective.

"It hit home with us that there's a lot of people, not just babies but adults and children that are food insecure in the area.  We felt that this was an area that we could really help out."

Being food insecure means that you might not know when or where your next meal is coming from. According to Feeding NE Florida, there are more than 325,000 people in Northeast Florida that fall into this category.

"These aren't homeless people," says Horschel.  "They are mechanics, people you go to church with, or people you might share a job with.  Times are tight for some people trying to make ends meet and sometimes the last thing is food."

Horschel went on to mention that the issue isn't the amount of food available, there's plenty of that. Feeding NE Florida needs trucks, drivers, infrastructure, etc. to get the food they have to the people that need it."

"We aren't asking for thousands of dollars, just $1 equals seven meals."

If you would like to donate, go to billyhorschelgolf.com and click on the link to donate on the home page.