County Road 210 is danger zone for construction crews as TPC begins

Drivers speeding through construction zone have worker on edge

PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. – One of the recommended routes for drivers to take to The Players Championship has become scarier than normal for construction workers along the road, because vehicles are speeding through the construction zone.

County Road 210 takes drivers to the back of the golf course and typically has less traffic.

But one woman who directs traffic on the two-lane road told News4Jax it's been a scary week because drivers are not following the law.

Mary Lee said that every day cars speed through the construction zone on CR 210 in St. Johns County where she works and blow through stop signs.

“That's what I deal with every day,” she said. “They're catching people running 60 and 70, you know?”

That's double the speed limit. In the 30 minutes News4Jax spent with Lee, our crew counted at least five cars speeding straight past her stop sign.

“This is the issue we're having,” Lee said. “We know the posted speed limit. This is what I'm getting.”

Two future subdivisions are being built in the area. Construction crews have been out there for several months and construction is expected to end in three years. For drivers who live in the area, slowing down for Lee and the truckers is routine.

For drivers new to the area and headed to The Players Championship, it's a different story.

“It started raining the other day and the road was barely wet and I stopped a trailer, and the trailer almost slid into me,” Lee said. “The main thing we're having issues with besides them not wanting to stop is wanting to stop on the opposite side of the road, like the sign's on the left side of the yellow line.”

Drivers should watch for trucks coming in and out of the dirt roads along CR 210, and, of course, watch out for flaggers, like Lee, who are out there to help them get through.

“Everyone has a job, and I'm just out here to do mine, and I just want to do mine and make it home to my kids you know?” Lee said.

The speed limit along CR 210 is 35 mph. Deputies with the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office will be out this week, making sure that everyone is driving safely.