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New technology uses brain data to analyze golf swing

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – What may have started with money ball in the major leagues is now main stream. Analytics have completely changed the way sports are played and evaluated. FlightScope has developed technology that not only tracks how a golf ball flies off a club, but it also uses a FocusBand that measures brain –wave frequencies during a back swing.

“It trains you to get into the right frame of mind and not thinking about any analytical thoughts or positions,” said FlightScope U.S. sales manager Alex Trujillo. “That stuff should be left on the driving range. Elite golfers and elite athletes perform the best when they’re in a state of no mind. With this tool we can really tell a player exactly what’s going on in their head.”

The brain emits frequencies as you perform various tasks. The FocusBand’s sensors pick up these frequencies and transmits them back to a mobile device where they are displayed on an Avatar in real-time.

“I was a little skeptical because technology is advancing at a rapid rate,” said Jeff Sands who tested the technology at Windsor Parke Golf Club.  “The actual function and to be able to see what your brain is doing is beyond this world. It can show you where your mind is on the course, if you’re thinking about it too much this will help you take a step back and relax. This will tell you that your brain is doing more than it should be.”

This technology has been approved by the USGA. Players are allowed to use the FocusBand during play, but they’re not allowed to view the data until after their round is completed. Jason Day is just one of several golfers that have added this tool to their routine.

Golf like most sports is often more mental than physical and using the FocusBand can help athletes reach the right frame of mind.

“If you can train yourself to get into that state of mushing [state of no mind] the outcome will become better,” said Trujillo. “Once you stop thinking about all the different positions, that’s not something you want to be thinking about on the golf course especially when the pressure is applied. You want to be in a very relaxed state and this tool gives you the ability to get into that state.”