Josh Scobee caddies at The Players

Scobee caddied for local golfer Steve Wheatcroft


Steve Wheatcroft was having no fun being in 70th place at The Players so he had friend and former Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee carry his bag in the final round.

"I wanted to enjoy this week a lot more than I probably did," Wheatcroft said. "I knew if I had him (Scobee) on the bag we'd have a good time."

Scobee had been bugging Wheatcroft to carry his bag. Wheatcroft, who lives at Queens Harbor, and Scobee have been friends since Scobee played for the Jaguars.

"It was a blast,"Scobee said. "I couldn't have asked for a better time to do it. In Jacksonville on Sunday at The Players. It was awesome."

Scobee admitted afterwards that there is more to than job than he knew.

"I play enough golf that I know golf etiquette," Scobee said. "Being a caddy is a whole different world. There are little things that  you have to know. That comes with experience and not just watching golf. I got to rake three bunkers and I was kind of worried about that. These guys know how to rake bunkers."

It was a different experience for Wheatcroft having a caddie who was as well known as himself.

"Coming off the ninth hole, he was out ahead of me and he stopped to sign autographs," Wheatcroft explained. "I said these are some new caddie problems I haven't seen before. That was a first."

Wheatcroft shot a final round 73 to finish six over par for the tournament.