Jaguars bring big business across the pond

Jaguars in London
Jaguars in London

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A delegation of Jacksonville leaders has made the trip to London for the Jaguars annual game in London. For the 4th consecutive year, the group is working to lure businesses from across the pond to the River City, bringing jobs to the local economy.

Over the last few years, these trips have brought hundreds of jobs to Jacksonville- each chance, a new opportunity for selling our city on the global stage.

“A few years ago, people would say "where is Jacksonville?" Today they say "oh, Jacksonville. Part of the Jaguars, that's great," said Jerry Mallot, President of JAXUSA Partnership.

Mallot is in London again this year, working with other city leaders to try to recruit new businesses to Jacksonville to help continue the success they have seen over there, helped by the Jaguars leadership.

“What Shad Khan and Mark Lamping do is set a stage for us that has made a real difference. Because the Jaguars are playing in London and because Shad is well known globally, the doors are much more wide open,” said Mallot.

Because of the trips, hundreds of jobs have relocated here. According to the Jax Chamber,  Greencore Group bought an existing company with a Jacksonville office and expanded here, adding 254 jobs and keeping the 89 that were here already. Deutsche Bank recently added 350 jobs.  Resource Solutions added 75 jobs, making Jacksonville it’s 4th Global Resource Center. City Refrigeration also chose Jacksonville as its home for its North American headquarters, adding 110 jobs.

Both the City Refrigeration and Resource Solutions moves were finalized on the 2015 London Economic Development Mission.

“It's bringing opportunities for our citizens. It's growing our tax base, expanding our reach, and it's helping make us a global city. Which I think is really important and it's been a key part of our growth the last five years,” said Mallott.

He adds that it’s not just the city leaders selling Jacksonville to other companies in London during the trip. He says these companies that have expanded here are also telling others about their experience and success, opening up even more possibilities for potential new London businesses to move to Jacksonville.