Calls increase for Gus Bradley to be fired

Jaguars fans fed up with losses want to see head coaching change

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – For the second time in five days, the Jaguars suffered an embarrassing loss on national television. This time, Jacksonville fell to AFC South Division rival Tennessee, 36-22.

The Jags, now 2-5, were held scoreless in the first half.

Calls for head coach Gus Bradley to be fired have increased with each loss.

Bradley's record is 14-41 since taking over the Jaguars. That’s the worst record of any NFL coach who has coached more than 50 games in the modern professional football area.

Fans told News4Jax Friday morning that enough is enough. Many want to see team owner Shad Khan clean house. Others said they are ditching their season tickets and will stop supporting the team.

“I've heard a lot of people saying that they are going to give away their season tickets for the rest of the season,” said Jordan de Lugo, president of Generation Jaguar. “They're not going to go to games. They're not going to watch the games. And frankly, I can't blame them.”

De Lugo said he has been a Jaguars fan since Jacksonville got the franchise 22 years ago. He started GenJag as a way for fans to get together to support the team. He wrote a popular blog post about the team heading in the wrong direction and noted that several players criticized Jaguars fans for booing at poor performances.

“This is absolutely unacceptable behavior by the players, unacceptable performance by the players, the coach has gotten stale, there's just nothing positive going on,” de Lugo said. “There are tons of storylines, and none of them are positive.”

De Lugo believes that the coaching staff needs to change, and that starts with removing Bradley.

“Last off-season was the time to get rid of coach Bradley and the coaching staff,” he said. “Everybody is just really upset.”

He said he believes the team’s hit rock bottom.

“I don't think the players believe in (Bradley's) message anymore,” de Lugo said. “I think his 'rah-rah' attitude has gotten stale with the players, and they'll never admit that. They are trained. It's great to be a nice guy, but that's not going to help you win football games.”

De Lugo said he's ready for big changes, and so are many fans.

“There's no leadership on the top. Nobody knows what they're doing. There is no accountability,” de Lugo said. “These guys are all talented people. They are here for a reason, but for whatever reason it hasn't translated into a product that will please fans.”

Bradley did not comment about the team’s performance or his future when News4Jax caught up with him arriving at EverBank Field Friday morning, but in a conference call with the media in the afternoon, Bradley admitted the loss was embarrassing.

“I”m not making any excuses,” Bradley said. “It was bad.”

But Bradley said he did not anticipate any changes in the coaching staff.

“We’ll look at a couple of things," Bradley said. "With the Thursday game like that, we’ve already started the process. I know I just met with the offensive staff and then we went in the team meeting and we’ll continue those conversations today and tomorrow.”

The team's schedule is not getting any easier. The Jaguars still have to face tough opponents in Houston, Denver and Minnesota.

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