Mark Brunell: Jaguars playing without heart

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – At 2-5 the Jaguars have hit an all time low.  It's not just the record. It's not only the poor play of our quarterback or even the lack of run game on offense. Even after last night's effort against Marcus Mariota and the Titan offense, it's not just  our defense. In my opinion, it's more about our heart. It's our lack of emotion, lack of fight, lack of competitive drive, or whatever you want to call it.

The Jaguars looked uninspired Thursday night. They showed very little fight, if any. And that is more disappointing than anything. 

In my 19-year career, I've been on a few bad teams, teams that just had a tough time winning games. In the Jaguars inaugural season, we ended up 4-12. We couldn't win, in large part because of our youth and inexperience.

We did have some solid veteran players but the team was made up of mostly young players that were either  drafted, traded or cut by other teams. We simply didn't have a lot of talent, and obviously hadn't been around each other for very long. But we fought. We competed. We left everything on the field regardless of how bad the games were going. Even for a young team, we understood how to play the game. 

And that is what is so frustrating about this team. This team does have a lot of talent. They do have a lot of guys with experience and ability.  And they have been together for enough time now. 

I can understand losing games. I watch them like you do and, like you, I can see what is missing and what needs to improve. But I can't understand a team that simply doesn't  appear to have a lot of heart. To play uninspired football in a "must win" game is unacceptable. 

Even at 2-5, hope is not lost. MY hope is that the team somehow figures out not just WHAT to do on the field, but more importantly HOW to do it. 

Go Jaguars!

Fan #AskBrunell questions

‏@_nawuj: What's the biggest detriment to the Jags' offense: Blake Bortles' performance or the play calling? 

If I had to pick between the two, I would go with Blake. Hard to call plays when you can't run the the football and your QB is struggling."

‏@kataylormade: Should they let Gus on the plane home?

No, something has to change, but I wouldn't fire Gus right now.

@SportsCenter: Wwill Geno Smith make the leap this year and help jets win the AFC East?

Seriously? The Jets just put him on IR. Don't think he's making the leap this season."

@ShimSham87: Can we get you out there instead of Bortles

You don't want that. Trust me."

@wjxt4 How much money would it take for you to come back? A lot!!!

I like the coaching side of football these days. Less painful."