Gus Bradley explains decision to change offensive coordinators

QB coach Nathaniel Hackett will take over for Greg Olson


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Last Friday Gus Bradley told the media that he will not make any changes to the coaching staff after the Jaguars embarrassing prime time loss to the Tennessee Titans.  By Saturday morning, he changed his mind.

"We are constantly evaluating," Bradley told the media Monday morning.  "I tried to use the whole weekend to look at a lot of things that were taking place and I just think that as the weekend went on, things became clearer."

A different vision is something that Bradley is looking for after his offense is averaging an NFL worst 10.6 points per game in the first 3 quarters this season under Greg Olson.  Bradley said that Olson is a great friend of his and this decision was challenging to say the least, but he feels that going forward, this was what had to be done for the good of the team.

"Offensively it feels like I am not sure what is going to change next week.  I just couldn't grasp in my mind that the results are going to change if we continue to go in this direction.  I just didn't feel like personality and philosophy wise the change would take place," said Bradley.

This latest change marks the third offensive coordinator in three years for Blake Bortles.  Continuity and consistency is something that all offenses want and seek, but Bradley says that the continuity will be there due to the fact that the plays and verbiage will be the same from before.  The only change will be in philosophy of the offense and how some players are utilized, something Gus Bradley sees as a positive.

"I think as Blake and Nathaniel (Hackett) spend more time together, it is going to be a good transition and they will be on the same page so, I think that part will be beneficial to Blake."

Hackett takes over an offense that last scored a touchdown on their opening possession in week 2 of the 2015 season, a streak that is at 20 plus games and counting.  He was the offensive coordinator at Buffalo from 2013 to 2014 under current assistant head coach and offensive line coach Doug Maronne, so he does have experience calling plays at the NFL level.  That experience and direction of the offense was something that Bradley says went into a rational decision that hopefully will be beneficial for the team.

"I think we want to make rational decisions and decisions that we feel are best for the organization and for this team.  Let's think about this, let's not make one out of panic, let's not make it out of being stressed out, let's not make it out of that.  Is is truly best for the team in this situation? So when you say, 'is this the last thing you can do', I don't think that way.  If there's something that comes up and we need to make a change, we are going to look at that."