Despite dismal record, fans showing up, Jaguars say

Attendance for loss to Broncos nearly at capacity of EverBank Field

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Despite a dismal 2-10 record, the Jaguars say they're not having trouble selling tickets.

The announced attendance number for Sunday's loss to the Denver Broncos was 63,075. The total tickets up for sale at EverBank Field is 64,425.

Even though they're forking over money for tickets, the fans aren't happy with the team's performance and want changes.

“I think they need to finish out strong,” fan Kevin Stephens said. “I think the draft pick is going to be something very important in the near future. We need to look at all the things that have gone wrong with the Jaguars.”

One of those things is not winning games at home, season ticket holder Tim Buffington said.

“We’re season ticket holders whether we win or not. Win, lose or draw, we're always supporting the team,” Buffington said. “But they have to win at home.”

News4Jax Sports Director Sam Kouvaris said that while other NFL teams struggle to fill the stands, that hasn't been the case for the Jaguars in the Shad Khan era, despite dismal records each year.

“There are about 50,000 real strong, diehard Jaguars fans who are going to go to games regardless,” Kouvaris said.

Kouvaris also said something that might surprise and upset a lot of diehard fans -- it’s possible, despite one of the worst overall coaching records in NFL history, that Gus Bradley won’t be fired.

“If they believe Gus Bradley is the right guy, they won’t get rid of him, even though they know ticket sales will lag because of it,” Kouvaris said. “There’s historical precedent in the league -- whether it’s Bill Walsh or Chuck Noll or Bill Belichick, there’s a lot of guys who really struggled the first three or four years of their career and went on to be fabulous coaches.”

Season tickets for next year aren't on sale yet but should be before the end of the season.

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