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Top Golf offering free lessons for National Golf Day

National Golf Day is Wednesday, April 26th

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – To celebrate National Golf Day, Top Golf in Jacksonville is giving away free lessons to all guests who come in on Wednesday, April 26th.

The five-minute lessons will be available at the Jacksonville location at the Town Center from 11:30AM to 8PM.

Last year, the 27 Top Golf locations gave away more than 2,200 free lessons on National Golf Day, a number that they hope to break this year according to Director Of Instruction at Top Golf Jax Wes Altice.

"We want to give away more than 100 lessons at our location," said Altice.  "It's a life long sport you can always do.  Getting into your 70's or 80's, you can still play this great game.  You are outside in the sun and being here in Jacksonville, you have amazing courses you can go to as well as facilities like this at Top Golf."

You may not think that five minutes is enough to fix your golf game, Altice says you can get a lot out of just five minutes of instruction.

"We look at very specific things in our instruction program.  We have video analysis software right there on the iPad so we can take some quick video of you, find out what we need to work on, give you a couple of drills and you are off and running," said Altice.

Altice went on to say that you do not have to be a scratch golfer to really get something out of free lessons on National Golf Day.  In fact, he says the majority of people that come to Top Golf have never even picked up a club. 

"If you haven't played before and you might be a little intimidated about hitting the ball, this would be a perfect opportunity to come out and get some basics and at least start hitting the ball so you can enjoy this great game."