Power boats taking over Memorial Park on Saturday

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This Saturday is the 4th annual Jacksonville Grand Prix of the sea. It’s a perfect opportunity for a free and fun event for the entire family. Grab a couple blankets and fold up chairs and head over to Memorial Park.

The back drop will once again be the St Johns River. For those who’ve never seen this in person it’s basically NASCAR on water. The boats reach speeds of up to 75 miles per hour.

What makes this race so much fun is the even playing field. Everybody has the same exact motor. So that means there isn’t one team that can outspend the others for a more powerful engine. The races will begin on Saturday at 10 am and Jacksonville native George Ivey will be one of the drivers.

“Make sure you’re there,” said Ivey. “You don’t want to miss anything. It’s going to be tight racing. The boats are very equal and they’re very close together in speed. It’s all about driving and strategies. You’ve got nine or 10 boats riding side by side going into that first corner. It’s very exciting, you don’t want to miss anything.”