Jag fans reconsider London game after terror attacks

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – In the wake of two terror attacks in the United Kingdom in the last month, many are wondering if another one could happen in a crowded area there again. With that, comes potential concerns about the Jaguars game coming up on September 24 in London against the Baltimore Ravens at Wembley Stadium in London.

Those that already have their plans booked said they would be extra vigilant over there during their trip and others that were considering going said this won't change that.

“I don't really think there will be any difference,” said Kyle Alexander, a Jaguars fan.

The Jaguars first played across the pond in 2013 and this will be their fifth trip. But with the recent terror attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester and this weekend on the London Bridge, security will no doubt be a top priority at the international event.

“The security over there shouldn't be any different than the security over here,” said Alexander.

If he was considering going, Alexander adds the recent attacks wouldn't change his opinion. He says in the past, the game has proven to be a safe place.

A couple of other fans who are interested in going but haven’t booked tickets yet, said they are taking more of a wait and see approach leading up to the game in late September before they head to London or maybe to a couple more games at Everbank Field.