Jaguars host annual 7 on 7 passing challenge

Teams from 12 local high schools competed on and off the field Wednesday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With a dozen local high school football teams participating, the Jaguars annual 7 on 7 passing challenge continues to grow.

"It is getting bigger and better every year," said Jaguars Director of Player Personnel and Youth Football Marcus Pollard.  "Even though we are down one field because of construction, the twelve teams we have out here are having a great time."

Even though a big part of the event is an offensive passing tournament, the big men on the offensive and defensive lines aren't left out.  Jaguars defensive linemen Abry Jones and Michael Bennett were putting the players through the same drills that they do on the practice fields.  Left guard A.J. Cann was also on hand helping the offensive line in drills as well.  Pollard says that he hopes some competitiveness rubs off on these kids even though it is the off-season.

"Playing high school football is a choice and it is something that you should want to do.  But to play at a high level and to play great in high school, you have to love it and you have to be competitive.  Hopefully some of that will spark these kids to have a great fall season."

Pollard admits that when he was in high school "a long, long time ago," they did not have a way to train all year long like these 7 on 7 tournaments allow kids to do today if they choose.  It is that choice to do more in the summer that could make a better player in the fall.

"It is real football.  To me it is all in preparation for the fall.  Being a former high school coach, I understand the value of 7 on 7 and the competition it brings.  To have this kind of event here on this grass where the pros do it, to me it is a tremendous asset for these coaches and players."