Sharks postseason push begins Saturday

Jacksonville hosts the Monterrey Steel Saturday night at 7 p.m.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The (11-1) Jacksonville Sharks are set to take on the (7-4) Monterrey Steel for the NAL Playoffs in Jacksonville on Saturday, June 24 at 7 p.m.

The Sharks and Steel faced off last week, and the Sharks were given their first loss of the season as they fell to the Steel 44-37. Despite resting quarterback Damien Fleming for the majority of game the Sharks will ahead of the Steel at the half however, the Steel made a late drive before the half to score a field goal making the score 29-21 and the Steel received the ball following the half assisting the Steel come back to take the lead in the third quarter. Despite that, the game was a close battle between teams, the Sharks leading the entire first half before Monterrey made their comeback in the third quarter. The Sharks made multiple attempts to retake the lead closing in with a score of 44-37, but turnovers proved to be too costly as the Sharks rallied on their final drive, reaching the redzone but a fumble ended the drive and the Steel ran out the clock to give the Sharks their first loss of the season.

This playoff game is going to be the ultimate test for this Sharks team. The winner of this game will head to the National Arena League Championship against the winner of the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks vs. Columbus Lions game that will take place Friday, June 23 at 7pm in Allentown, PA.

In order for the Sharks to win, the Sharks defense will need to shut down Steel quarterback Bernard Morris, who scored three touchdowns against the Sharks Saturday night. Offensively, the Sharks will need to limit their turnovers and rely on their passing game from quarterback Damien Fleming and their rushing game dominated by the league’s best fullback Derrick Ross.

The game will be broadcasted on CW-17 for those in the Jacksonville area.